Realtime Mandelbrot App Reviews

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Your App ASTOUNDS me!

While having wandered the Elephant Walk, the “structures” and form from void is like the bestest peanut tofu wrap at the BlueShirt cafe in Davis Sq. Somerville. And ima hungry boy! the color dynamic cycling slider inspires my thoughts this morning and clarified fractal key my mentality. Keep making more apps and I will BUYBUYBUY! Jim “F00b” R

Should be updated for retina display already... Geez!

Should be updated for retina display already... Geez!

This program is very poorly designed

The Mandelbrot set is exciting to render and watch because of the fine and intricate detail at every scale--- but in order to see that detail you need to be able to increase the number of iterations used for the calculations, and this program never increases the number of iterations, so you lose all the fine detail. I recommend that you buy iFractal instead.

Does not work on I-POD

Yes - this is noted somewhere in the description, but it needs to be more prominantly displayed to keep stupid people like me from paying for a worthless app.

Sweet app.

Needs deeper zoom, rotation, Julia switching, and a way to edit parameters. Otherwise, it's great for mobile Mandelbrot madness. Also, being able to tag your own locations and upload to the cloud is pretty cool.

Stunning App

All I can say is WOW!! This app is incredible, and incredibly beautiful. So fast and so smooth. I particularly like the zoom animations. Seeing where the individual images are located on the whole fractal (the whole Mandelbrot Set) is fascinating. I also like being able to pan and zoom, change colors, and save my own images. Great customer support too. I contacted the developer by email one day and had an answer the next. He helped me completely and quickly. I highly recommend this app.

Best Mandelbrot app

Interaction is pretty smooth. 60fps is an exageration but it is MUCH faster than other Mandelbrot apps I have tried. The colors are very well done. This app draws in aliased mode until you stop moving, then redraws antialiased for a bettr final image. A good compermise between speed and quality. I especially like how it remembers my position and color scheme and does a slick animated colorchanging zoom to get back there on relaunch. I had no issues installing on my iphone 3gs. It's neat that the iPhone graphics hardware is this much faster than the CPU even on really loopy code like the Mandelbrot algorithm.

cannot find a better fractal program than this

Excellent, beautiful. I am running this on the iPod touch and it is fast. I didn't think it packed enough power to be able to render so quickly. And I agree with a previous poster; It's getting low scores because people do not know how to use it properly.

Fantastic app!

What a great app. Shame on all those who rated it low because they're too dumb to read the description. Beautiful fractals in realtime. Astounding.

Doesn't work for me, either

Sadly, iTunes refuses to sync it to my iPod Touch 3g 32GB 3.1.2 os. Too bad, I was looking forward to this.

Does not work!!!

Stupid do not buy!! I am going to sue you guys!!!

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